Dog Treat - Goat Organs Jerky

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  • Naturally air dried so all the goodness is retained.
  • Convenient to store and feed.
  • Highly nutritional by nature.
  • No salt used to cure our treats.
  • 100% Australian produce.
  • Only marinated with herbs that fortify your dogs immune system.
  • No dead, diseased or dying animal remains used

Goat Jerky Dog Treats are made from the hearts, lungs, liver and trachea of healthy wild bush goats.  Not intensively farmed animals and have led a healthy life in the wild free from intensive farming practice and mistreatment.  It's a healthier source of nutrition for your dog and more ethically and environmentally sound. Goats are  highly resilient, clean animals which is why they thrive in Australian conditions. Our product is HUMAN GRADE quality and GUARANTEED your dog is receiving the finest quality produce available.

NOT made from derivatives, waste, imported or "pet grade" by products.
No added salt, sugars, preservatives as there is way too much "junk food" being sold for pets  packed with these substances. These lead to greater health issues such as obesity, cancers, poor inner health and reduced lifespan. Your dog's behavior is also related to diet and chemical preservatives and sugars can have many effects on your dog.

It's the reason we developed our own range of nutritional products, and it seems the dogs know it! Our healthy dog treats have earned the name "canine crack" due to the way that most dogs simply crave them. Our natural treats are extremely effective as a dog training aid because of the focus and attraction you get from your dog. You need not used big chunks either. Our treats can be fed as shavings the size of large chili flakes and the dogs still go crazy for them!

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